Let’s Control Them

I’m glad we could all gather here this evening to listen to me talk about our marvelous plan.  Everyone who took the time to be here tonight is moral and righteous; everyone outside of these walls is problematic, to say the least.  And it is about those people why I called you here tonight, and I believe you’ll be more than convinced that my idea is best suited to deal with those people.


You see, we need our plan to materialize, and the others need not understand why; they just need to comply.  They aren’t like us, which is fine; everyone can’t be like us.  And for those who cannot see our clearest of visions, they need someone to guide them, someone to distract them from the immoral path they have chosen.  Yes, it is sad, but some people just don’t know what’s best for themselves.  And those people will be happy to be led by such a community as ours.


We really need to implement this plan, and soon.  But the others are getting in our way.  “So how will we achieve our objective?” you might ask.  I’ll tell you.  We persuade only the noblest of public servants to require the others to give to us what is rightfully ours because that is the only way we can get our plan rolling.  The others will be happy to chip in, but in case some are not as virtuous as we are, they’ll be breaking the law – not just our social contract – if they fail to go along with our mighty plan.


Our compassion alone is not good enough for the task at hand, which is why we need the others.  They need us as much as we need them, so this arrangement of ours is mutually beneficial.  It’s just that without our plan, nothing would ever be accomplished, and that would be very unfortunate.  Sure, some of the others might resist our plan, but in addition to the law serving as our strongest ally, we have many ways of getting them on board.


If the others begrudgingly comply, that isn’t good enough; we need all to wholeheartedly believe the truth – that all of us are doing the right thing.  And because we’re doing the right thing, our means are justified, whatever method we choose.  We can help the others think like us by getting the higher angels at their place of business to do the convincing.  The higher angels in the media can also let us know where the others live so that we can help the others at their homes.  Again, if this sounds aggressive, do not fret; we’re doing the right thing, and how could anyone believe otherwise?  It’s common sense.


If the others do not joyfully avail themselves of the society we have masterfully planned, we all know which group has the problem, and if the methods above prove insufficient, we have different ways of convincing the others to do the right thing.  Since it is our plan which addresses our most urgent needs, why should we even consider the wants and desires of the others?  In fact, if they are free to pursue what they believe is backed with good intentions, then how could we ever solve our most pressing issues?


Might makes right in the short-term, but with our higher angels in power, majorities can last forever.  Physical altercations aren’t a lasting solution, but I guess they can’t hurt; however, we should focus on alternative means.  If the others are able to make themselves heard by a larger audience of fools, then we are obligated to prevent them from spreading their propaganda, which serves only to obfuscate our narrative of real progress.  If the products and services that the others buy are not complimentary to our mission, then those businesses won’t be all who hear from us; the companies facilitating those transactions will also get an earful.


When the others mind their own business, it is they who are predatory because all business is our society’s business, motherly lessons be damned if from their mothers.  We know it’s not the fault of those mothers, but – just as what happened to them – their offspring have carried on the traditions that can’t hold a candle to ours; mind your children when near those of the others.  By not working toward our ideals, the others place our bold vision in jeopardy, but by treating the others as we wish to be treated, all will be well, even if the others don’t yet know it.


What will the others think of our fortitude if it is only us doing the work?  That is why the others must join us.  Only then will they truly know the depth of our compassion.  Afterall, if it weren’t for us, who would manage our society’s general welfare?  Without us and our plan, society would be doomed.  Don’t despair, however, soon the others will gleefully contribute so much to our cause that we will be able to focus on other important issues.  Or, maybe we’ll take a hard-earned respite from our courageous reforming.


** If you found yourself nodding along in agreement – even for just one sentence – you might be a statist; seek help immediately. **